At Jefferson Academy, we believe in a content-rich educational program that develops the mind, cultivates a strong, moral character and instills an appreciation for our nation and its founding principles. We believe children gain knowledge by building on what they already know. We value a curriculum that encompasses a specific and systematic sequence of content and allows students to consistently build on that content from year to year. We believe in traditional education, with an emphasis in phonics and a liberal arts curriculum that includes study of world and American history, classic literature, science, math and fine arts.

As did our founding fathers, we also believe the study of history and citizenship should be at the core of an American education. We believe a deep understanding of history instills in students valuable knowledge that benefits all areas of learning.

We believe all children should be given access to the same knowledge base that assures equality in learning and future educational success. We believe in meeting the needs of all learners through direct instruction, ability grouping, and other research-based practices.

To maximize student progress, we believe parental involvement should be encouraged and opportunities given for hands-on involvement in the education of their child. It is our hope and expectation that through this school, every child will receive the knowledge, skills and discipline necessary to become a successful lifelong learner and an active, informed citizen.

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JA Mission & Vision


Jefferson Academy will offer an academically challenging and content-rich history-centered curriculum that incorporates the study of American citizenship and is based on the Core Knowledge Sequence. Jefferson Academy will provide an environment in which every student has the opportunity to gain a strong foundation of knowledge in world and American history, classic literature, science, math and fine arts.

It is the desire and mission of this school to have every child be challenged, experience success and master basic skills, grow in academic ability and content knowledge, and develop an understanding and appreciation for our nation’s heritage and founding principles.