Jefferson Academy is a tuition-free public charter elementary school in Kaysville, UT serving grades K-6. Jefferson Academy offers a strong academic curriculum housed within a history focused framework to develop the intellect and provide a strong foundation in basic skills. Our curriculum meets and exceeds state standards. Our instruction is explicit, sequential, and teacher-directed with a multi-sensory approach. Jefferson Academy is a publicly funded school that follows the state mandates and guidelines for assessment and implementation of the Utah Common Core Standards.

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Jefferson Academy was approved by the Utah State Charter School Board (SCSB) and the Utah State Board of Education. The school charter describes our schools unique attributes. Please note, the policies and bylaws contained the charter application have been updated and are available for review on the Policies and Handbooks page. Additionally, the SCSB has approved charter amendments, which have been incorporated into the charter and are provided HERE.


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JA Mission & Vision


Jefferson Academy will offer an academically challenging and content-rich history-centered curriculum that incorporates the study of American citizenship and is based on the Core Knowledge Sequence. Jefferson Academy will provide an environment in which every student has the opportunity to gain a strong foundation of knowledge in world and American history, classic literature, science, math and fine arts.

It is the desire and mission of this school to have every child be challenged, experience success and master basic skills, grow in academic ability and content knowledge, and develop an understanding and appreciation for our nation’s heritage and founding principles.